Alcohol License Renewal

City of Hapeville Alcoholic Beverage Licenses expire on December 31st of each year. The city will mail out renewal applications in September, and they are due back by October 15 to allow adequate time for processing. The license fee shall be paid in full no later than December 15 each year. 

*If October 15th or December 15th falls on a weekend, the renewal application will be due the following business day* 

IMPORTANT: All renewed retail alcohol licenses must be submitted to Hapeville City Hall located at 3468 N. Fulton Hapeville, GA 30354.  

Alcohol Handling Permits (PDF) must be obtained annually by all employees who dispense, serve, sell, or handle alcohol. Employees must apply for an alcohol handling permit at the Hapeville Police Department immediately after receiving the new permit for the new year. Alcohol cannot be sold without current server/handling permits. Fingerprints/background checks are required. 

All businesses are required to purchase the alcohol they sell from Wholesale Distributors. For more information, email the City Clerk.