Off-Premises and Special Event Licenses

An off-premises license may only be issued to licensees who hold in good standing an alcohol pouring license issued by the city, and no such licensee shall be permitted to pour any alcoholic beverage off-premises which cannot be lawfully poured on the licensee's premises.

It shall be unlawful for an off-premises licensee to pour any malt beverages, wine, or liquor at any off-premises location without first obtaining an off-premises pouring permit. Such permit may be issued by the City Manager for any period up to three days. Any permit for a period longer than three days must be approved by the City Council. An off-premises permit may be issued in accordance with the following:

  • No permit for a particular off-premises location shall be issued if the requested building is a "prohibited location" as set forth in the City of Hapeville's Alcohol Ordinance or state law, or fails to meet all requirement of the City of Hapeville's Alcohol Ordinance and state law for an on-premises pouring outlet.
  • Unless specifically permitted by the city otherwise, for events such as gallery crawls, it shall be unlawful for any off-premises licensee to sell liquor at an off-premises location unless food is served at the event.
  • Unless otherwise provided for in this section, all regulations of this code controlling the pouring of alcoholic beverages on premises shall govern the pouring of alcoholic beverages off premises.
  • The amount of sales sold off premises shall be included in the licensee's gross income figures for the purpose of establishing the amount of the mixed drink taxes due from the licensee to the city.

The City Manager may approve up to three special event licenses for an applicant in a single calendar year. Each special event license shall allow alcohol beverage sales for up to 12 days in a single calendar year and can be used no more than two consecutive days per calendar year up to the 12-day limit. In order to qualify to receive such license, the applicant must comply with the following terms and conditions:

  • The applicant must be licensed for sale of alcoholic beverages by the state;
  • The application must provide the requested information.
  • All distances and hours of operation requirements set forth for on-premises consumption must be obeyed;
  • All identification badge requirements must be met; and
  • An annual license fee, as set out in the City of Hapeville's Alcohol Ordinance, must be paid in full.

Fill out the Off-Premises and Special Event License Application (PDF) required by the City of Hapeville. All completed applications must be notarized and turned in to the City Clerk at City Hall, 3468 N. Fulton Avenue, Hapeville, GA 30354. A $50 fee is due at the time of submittal. If approved, all permits related to your special event should be posted at greeting areas of main entrances to the event. The temporary permit shall be valid only for the place specified in the permit.

If you have questions, please email the City Clerk.

Please Note: A special event permit is also required from the Georgia Department of Revenue at least 10 business days prior to the event. If you have not already done so, you should contact the Georgia Department of Revenue immediately and obtain an application form from the State and prepare it for submission.