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Event Request Form

  1. Please note that approval by Hapeville Mayor and Council may be required for events that include any of the following:


    • More than 75 attendees
    • Use of City staff, services, utilities, or the placement of a banner on City property
    • Charges for admission or other event activities


    After you submit this form, you will be contacted regarding date availability, cost estimates, and, if applicable, a date to go before the Mayor and Council for approval (typically either the 1st or 2nd Tuesday of each month).

  4. Location of the Event:*
  5. Banner:*
  6. *Banners placed on the Jess Lucas Park fence facing S. Central Avenue must be placed to the left of the telephone pole of Christ Church.
  7. Will there be alcohol at this event?*

    *Please note that alcohol can only be served by the active alcohol licensee within the  City of Hapeville.

  8. Will there be a DJ/Music at this event?*
  10. Check all that apply
  11. Do you need City Staff to assist you with your event *
  12. Will there be a charge for admission or other event activities?*
  13. VENDOR(S):
  14. Will there be food vendors? *
  15. Required to check box*
  16. Required to check box*
  18. Do you or the organization currently possess liability insurance? *
  19. Required to check box*
  20. An application for temporary road closure will need to be filled out at the Hapeville Police Department located at 700 Doug Davis Drive, Hapeville.

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