Smoke Detectors Purchasing

What to know

Quality, not price, should be the determining factor when buying smoke alarms. Check for the following: Laboratory label, insuring that samples of the model was carefully tested.

Alarm loud enough to awaken the family through closed bedroom doors. Malfunction signal, to warn you when batteries are weak or dead. Manufacturer's warranty of at least five years. Ease in maintenance and cleaning.

Fires occur in single family dwellings most often in the: 

  • Kitchen (25.5%) 
  • Bedroom (13.7%)
  • Living Room (8.6%) 
  • Chimney (8.2%)
  • Laundry area (5%)

Apartment fires most often occur in the: 

  • Kitchen (48.5%)
  • Bedroom (13.7%)
  • Living Room (6.4%)
  • Laundry area (3.5%)
  • Bathroom (2.4%)