Alcohol Beverage License

How To Apply For An Alcohol Beverage License:

  • For new establishments, first obtain an Occupational Tax Certificate (Business License) from the City of Hapeville. Please contact Planning & Zoning at (404) 669-8269.
  • If business is already established, correct any outstanding code violations prior to applying for an Alcohol Beverage License.
  • Read and Understand the City’s Alcohol Beverage Ordinance, Chapter 5 of the Code of Ordinances.

The following information will be required at the time of submittal:

  • Completed Application Form (PDF) (signed and notarized);
  • Personnel Statements (PDF) from owner, partners, officers, directors, and major stockholders of private corporations, general manager and store managers. Individuals required to complete personnel statements must have fingerprint/background check done by a G.A.P.S. approved fingerprint site. View instructions (PDF) on how to register. View a list of G.A.P.S. approved fingerprint sites and to begin your registration. The City of Hapeville’s ORI number is GA923355Z.
  • Two current passport photographs;
  • Proof of payment for Public Hearing Notice in the Neighbor Newspaper. Notice must be advertised once a week for two weeks. View a sample ad (PDF). Email the Neighbor Newspaper Office to make advertising arrangements;
  • Evidence of Ownership of the building or copy of the lease, if applicant is leasing the building;
  • Photographs of location: front, side and rear photos of the desired location;
  • If Retail sale, a survey showing the distance to the nearest school, church, alcohol treatment facility;
  • If applicant represents a franchise, copy of the franchise agreement;
  • If applicant represents a partnership, submit copy of the partnership agreement;
  • If applicant represents a corporation, submit articles of incorporation and certificate of incorporation;
  • If applicant represents an eating establishment, submit a copy of the menu;
  • Complete both an Employee List (PDF) and Stock Inventory List (PDF);
  • Project purchases/projected gross sales (if applying for distilled spirits consumption);
  • Provide a $5,000 bond to the City for the first 5 years. View a bond sample (PDF);
  • Read over the approved Alcohol Awareness Training PowerPoint (PDF);
  • Cash, check, or credit card payment for the $200.00 administrative fee.

How to Submit a Completed Alcohol Beverage License Application: 

If you should have any questions prior to submitting your application, please contact the City Clerk at 404-766-3004 or via email at When ready to submit your completed application and administrative fee, contact the City Clerk to schedule an in-person appointment at City Hall located at 3468 N Fulton Avenue, Hapeville.

Inspections will be scheduled with the Fire Marshal, Code Enforcement, and the City Planner. The location must pass all inspections in order to be considered for an alcohol beverage license.

Applications recommended by the City Manager will go before Mayor and Council for consideration and action. Mayor and Council meets every first and third Tuesdays at 6 PM at 700 Doug Davis Drive, Hapeville. The City Clerk will notify the applicant of the meeting date. We encourage the applicant to attend the meeting to answer any questions.


Before any alcoholic beverages can be served or sold in the City of Hapeville, after being approved for your City of Hapeville Alcohol Beverage License, you must obtain a state license from the Georgia Department of Revenue. Visit the Georgia Department of Revenue website for more information.

Alcohol Handling Permits (PDF) are required by all employees who dispense, serve, sell or handle alcohol. Employees must apply for an alcohol handling permit at the Hapeville Police Department located at 700 Doug Davis Drive immediately after the establishment’s Alcohol Beverage Application has been approved by Council and all license fees have been paid. ALCOHOL CANNOT BE SOLD WITHOUT CURRENT SERVER/HANDLING PERMITS. Fingerprints/background checks are required.  


Establishments holding an Alcohol Beverage License from the City of Hapeville must submit the required tax reports by the deadline date to 3468 N Fulton Avenue, Hapeville, GA 30354, Attn. City Clerk.

On-Premise Consumption:
Excise tax-reporting (PDF) for Liquor Sales (to be submitted monthly with payment). Due the 20th of each month.
Quarterly Reporting (PDF) of food/alcohol sales; due the last day of the month after each calendar quarter.

Retail and Package Stores:
Quarterly Reporting (PDF) of food/alcohol sales; due the last day of the month after each calendar quarter.

All businesses with alcohol licenses are required to purchase alcohol from Wholesale Distributors.