Board of Appeals Meeting
3468 North Fulton Avenue
Hapeville, Georgia 30354

May 23, 2019   
6:00 PM
Welcome and Introduction
Minutes of April 25, 2019
New Business
3409 Dogwood Drive Variance Request
Michael Rabb is requesting a variance to allow an off-street parking arrangement at 3409 Dogwood Drive, Parcel Identification Number 14 009800170179.  The property is zoned U-V, Urban Village and is subject to the zoning regulations under Section 93-23-12 of the City of Hapeville Zoning Ordinance.
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Old Business
Willingham Drive at Colville Avenue Variance Request
Miller Lowry of Miller Lowry Developments is requesting variances to decrease the required distance between multifamily buildings from 24’ to 10’and increase the maximum residential parking allowed at South Central Avenue and Willingham Drive, east of I-85, on land lots 89 & 127, Parcel Identification Numbers 14 012700020429 and 14 012700020379.  The properties are zoned V, Village and are subject to the zoning regulations under Sections 93-11.1-6, 93-23-10 and 93-22.1-1 of the City of Hapeville Zoning Ordinance. This item was tabled at the April 25, 2019 meeting.
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Next Meeting Date - Thursday, June 27, 2019