Mayor and Council Session

700 Doug Davis Drive
Hapeville, GA 30354

May 7, 2019  6:00PM

Call to Order
Roll Call
Mayor Alan Hallman
Alderman Mike Rast
Councilman at Large Travis Horsley
Councilman Ward I Mark Adams
Councilman Ward II Chloe Alexander
Pledge of Allegiance
State of the City Presentation by Mayor Hallman

Each year the Mayor provides the citizens of the community an update on the State of the City. The remarks by the Mayor will cover last year's accomplishments and some of the future policy directions for 2019. The presentation will be released to the public early next week.

Public Hearing
Consideration and Action on Conditional Use Permit for the Construction of a 74-Unit Senior Housing Development at 325 Sunset Avenue

Phil Ellen on behalf of Georgia Communities, Inc. seeks approval of a conditional use permit to operate a senior living facility within a new development located at 325 Sunset Avenue, Parcel Identification Number 14 009600060133. The property is zoned U-V, Urban Village. Multifamily uses are permitted as a Conditional Use within the U-V Zoning District and are subject to the provisions of Article 3.2.

The Planning Commission considered this item on April 9, 2019 and recommended the Mayor and Council grant the conditional use permit. Staff supported their recommendation.

Staff Comments:
Applicant's Comments:
Public Comments:

Questions on Agenda Items
The public is encouraged to communicate their questions, concerns, and suggestions during Public Comments.  The Council does listen to your concerns and will have Staff follow-up on any questions you raise.  Any and all comments should be addressed to the Governing Body, not to the general public and delivered in a civil manner in keeping with common courtesy and decorum.
Consent Agenda
Approval of Minutes
  • April 2, 2019
  • April 16, 2019
Approval of Executive Session Minutes
  • April 2, 2019
  • April 16, 2019
Old Business
Consideration and Action on Mobile Food Vendor Ordinance - 2nd Reading

On April 16, a revised Mobile Food Vendor Ordinance was presented to Mayor and Council for a first reading. Mayor and Council gave suggestions to incorporate into the ordinance. Attached is the revised ordinance for consideration and action.
Consideration and Action on Vacant Building Fee Ordinance - 2nd Reading

On March 19, Mayor and Council discussed the Vacant Building Fee ordinance draft. The consensus of Mayor and Council was for legal to add language that speaks to sex trafficking/sex violation. The ordinance is attached for consideration and action.

A first reading of the ordinance was conducted on April 16.

New Business
Consideration and Action on Caduceus USA's Request to Use Jess Lucas Park for Annual Employee Back to School Jamboree on July 13

Grace Legendre with Caduceus USA is requesting to use Jess Lucas Park on July 13, 2019 from 2:30PM-5:30PM for their annual employee Back to School Jamboree. Caduceus, who's had a Hapeville presence since 1999, expects approximately 150 people (employees and their families). There will be music, a bouncy house, a game truck and food at the park for the event. Last year, the event was approved and held on July 14, 2018.

Consideration and Action on Proclamation Recognizing Municipal Clerks' Week

This May, Municipal Clerks Week will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. Initiated in 1969 by International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC) and endorsed by all of its members throughout the United States, Canada and 15 other countries, the week is a time of celebration and reflection on the importance of the Clerk’s office.

The week will feature a week-long series of activities aimed at increasing the public’s awareness of Municipal Clerks and the vital services they provide for local government and the community. 

Attached is the proclamation for consideration and action. 

Consideration And Action On Final Audit Fee For The 2018 - Additional Funding

Mauldin & Jenkins has completed the City of Hapeville Audit for Fiscal 2018. The firm experienced costs well in excess of the $37,000 bid amount for the 2nd year of the audit.  The 2017/18 added a single audit due to Federal Funds in excess of $750,000 and $5,000 for GEFA reporting.   Additional staff and partner time incurred totaled $39,184.43.  Mauldin & Jenkins requests a final balance billing of $20,000 to settle the 2017/18 audit.

Consideration and Action on Agreement with Fulton County Arts Council Grant in the Amount of $10,000

The Fulton County Arts Council (FCAC) is in place to enhance the quality of life of Fulton County Residents. FCAC serves as the funding agency to support cultural programs and the agency which provides services to Fulton County based nonprofit arts organizations and Fulton County residents.

FCAC granted the City of Hapeville $10,000 to fund the art that will be placed on the Pedestrian Bridge. This is a 1:1 match. The grant will help fund Phase II of the project.
The agreement is attached for consideration and action.

Consideration on Booting Ordinance - 1st Reading

At the January 22 Work Session, Mayor and Council discussed and gave recommendations for the Booting Ordinance draft. Attached is the revised ordinance for Mayor and Council's consideration.
Discussion Initiated by Councilman Horsley on Optotraffic Model Ordinance

Attached is the ordinance for Riverdale Park, MD and the official code of Georgia. If a local ordinance is required, Councilman Horsley would like to have an agreement on Tuesday for legal to draft an ordinance for a first read at the mid-month.
City Manager Report
Public Comments
Members of the public wishing to speak shall sign in with the City Clerk prior to the start of the meeting. Time limitations for Registered Comments are three (3) minutes per person. The total Registered Comment session shall not last more than fifteen (15) minutes unless extended by Council. Each member of the public, who fails to sign up with the City Clerk prior to the start of the meeting, wishing to address Mayor and Council shall have a total of two (2) minutes. The entire general comment session for Unregistered Comments shall not last more than ten (10) minutes unless extended by Council.
Mayor and Council Comments
Executive Session
When Executive Session is Required one will be called for the following issues: 1) Litigation O.C.G.A. §50-14-2; 2) Real Estate O.C.G.A. §50-14-3(b)(1); or 3) Personnel O.C.G.A. §50-14-3(b)(2).

Public involvement and citizen engagement is welcome as Hapeville operates a very open, accessible and transparent government. We do however remind our attendees/residents that there are times allocated for public comments on the agenda. In order for council to conduct their necessary business at each meeting, we respectfully ask that side-bar conversations and comments be reserved for the appropriate time during the meeting. This will allow the City Council to conduct the business at hand and afford our meeting attendees ample time for comments at the appropriate time during the meeting.