Code Enforcement Objectives

August 2015 Code Enforcement Presentation 

In August 2015, the Police Department, Code Enforcement Division presented a presentation to Mayor and Council and citizens. This presentation explains how the Code Enforcement Division works, the process they go through and some case study examples.

Code Enforcement Presentation (PDF).

Code Enforcement Objectives 


A community where all residential and commercial properties are maintained in a fashion that emphasizes an aesthetically pleasing city. One that encourages community pride, preserves neighborhood integrity, protects the public health, safety and welfare. As well as to assist in maintaining and even increasing property values.


To conduct a comprehensive code enforcement effort that fosters voluntary compliance, effects prompt correction of noted violations, and one that is consistent, fair and equitable in its application.

Department Overview

Code Enforcement is responsible for various regulations including; the International Property Maintenance Code and various other regulatory ordinances in the Code of Ordinances. Additional functions include conducting alcohol inspections and Animal Control Enforcement.

Hapeville Property Maintenance Code (HPMC)

In order to address the condition of existing structures and premises, the City of Hapeville has adopted the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC). The purpose of this code is to address substandard building issues and to regulate and control public nuisances, with an interest in urban renewal, the removal of blighted structures and the conservation of repairable structures are approached.

This code possesses the authority to require the vacation, relocation of occupants, securing, repair, removal, or demolition of a building or structure that is dilapidated, substandard, or unfit for human habitation and a hazard to the public health, safety and general welfare of its citizens. The IPMC applies to both residential and non-residential properties and the IPMC requires every owner and tenant to maintain their premises in a clean, sanitary and safe condition.

Goals and Objectives

To resource out to the citizens and property owners of this city the ability to revive their community for healthier living. This department will provide curriculum based education assistance, and programs to both the community and school system. We will help organize city-wide clean-ups and other community oriented projects to promote a healthier, safe environment to live and work. We will coordinate with citizens groups, their community goals, with respect to recreation, resources, public safety, housing and overall quality of life.

Violation Notices

Please be advised that when Code Enforcement discovers a violation, a violation notice is issued. If the problem is not corrected following the notice than citations may be issued. If citations are issued and the problem still continues, than the city may pursue an abatement to make the corrections and place a lean on the property. For questions regarding the process to correct, contact the code enforcement office. Complete notification (PDF).

If you notice a violation please fill out our online Code Enforcement Complaint Form or call (404) 669-2123.

Code Enforcement and Animal Control Vehicles

August 2015 Code Enforcement Presentation In August 2015, the Police Department, Code Enforcement Division presented a presentation to Mayor and Council and citizens.

Code Enforcement Presentation (PDF)